Brasserie Thiriez

Daniel Thiriez

Brasserie Thiriez is often quoted as reference in the beer industry. Brasserie Thiriez has been brewing since 1996 and has gained an immense respect among brewers and beer lovers. Located in the north of France, in the small town of Esquelbecq, Daniel Thiriez adopted a beer style typical for the region, the Bière de Garde. He brewed and adapted this often sweet and malty style to his own interpretation, taking some inspiration from the Saison beers and made it hoppier, more bitter and gave it a more refreshing character. He doesn not only brew that of course, Daniel Thiriez’s portfolio is much larger than this Bière de Garde alone but all of his beers are elegant, refined gems of brewing culture. A favorite of many beer aficionados yet relatively unknown to the big public. Surele a brewery you need to discover.

General informations
Country France
Situation Esquelbecq
Annual production 850 hectolitres
Creation 1996