The Veil Brewing Company

Matt Tarpey

The road that Matt Tarpey, head brewer and co-founder of The Veil Brewing, followed is a bit uncommon for a brewer, no actual brewing education and barely any homebrewing experience. That didn’t withhold him from creating his brewery in 2016 though. Once bitten by the passion the path was pretty clear to Matt. Working experience and internships at Alchemist, Hill Farmstead and Cantillon offered him a look into the vast world of brewing, each with a different approach but it contributed to the kind of brewer Matt is today and to what The Veil Brewing is offering. The internship at Cantillon even gave Matt inspiration for the name of his brewery. It came to Matt during a conversation with Jean Van Roy about pellicule, the protective layer formed on lambic aging in barrels. In French it’s called ‘la voile’, in English ‘the veil’. From hoppy Pale Ales and IPAs to barrel aged Stouts, Goses, Pilsners and even spontaneous fermentation beers. The Veil Brewing has a lot to offer. If you're looking for a taste of the ‘New World’ then The Veil Brewing might be your thing!

General informations
Country United States
Situation Richmond (Virginia)
Creation 2016