3 Fonteinen

Armand De Belder

There’s but a few names that receive as much respect in the beer world as 3 Fonteinen, a respect they surely deserve. The lambic, Oude Geuze and fruit lambics that 3 Fonteinen makes are amongst the best in the world and can compete with the best wines and the finest champagnes while it still keeps its rural nature. At 3 Fonteinen they remember their origin, know where they stand today and keep an eye on the direction they’re heading. Stubborn quality, rooted in the tradition of the Pajottenland and the Zenne river valley. The face of 3 Fonteinen is Armand Debelder, still and it might always be like that but the new generation stands by his side, eager to continue the 3 Fonteinen tradition and make it stronger than ever. Elegant lambic, delicate effervescent Oude geuze, succulent Oude Kriek,....3 Fonteinen offers the best on the market.

General informations
Country Belgium
Situation Beersel
Annual production 1000 hectolitres
Creation 1953